Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Science

Complex Family Planning

Mount Sinai has a committed team of specialists who continuously work to provide comprehensive, personalized care to support you in your birth control and pregnancy choices.

Our team believes only you can make a decision about what you want for your body. Whether you are deciding when and how you would like to build a family or what to do when an undesired or abnormal pregnancy occurs, our medical professionals provide support every step of the way. We can offer surgical and medical management of unintended, abnormal or miscarriage/fetal loss into the second trimester of pregnancy as well as provision of reversible and permanent contraception for patients from diverse backgrounds with various characteristics and medical conditions.

Should you desire contraception, our staff will provide you with evidence-based counseling for you to make an informed decision on the method that is right for you, whether it is birth control pills, the ring, the patch, the injection, the implant, an intra-uterine device, or sterilization. We are well equipped to handle the needs of not just adult women but also adolescents who may require our services. If you have a medical condition and require specialized care, we will refer you to the appropriate specialist to coordinate care. Our knowledgeable, highly-trained staff can provide evidence-based counseling or education materials if you request them.

Our devoted physicians, nurses, and medical staff work alongside social workers to provide support if you require guidance beyond the scope of medical procedure assistance. Our Perinatal Bereavement Program is designed for women and families choosing abortion in the context of fetal abnormalities, difficult pregnancies, and fetal loss. We are also able to attend to your emotional, spiritual, cultural, and religious beliefs. In addition, we have translation services for multiple languages.

Mount Sinai’s complex family planning specialists instruct physicians and students at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and train medical professionals from across the United States and abroad. Our obstetricians and gynecologists receive comprehensive training in family planning, and direct the Fellowship in Complex Family Planning, a two-year specialist-training program.

Our faculty are experts in family planning. We conduct research and publish our findings in peer-reviewed medical journals, present at major family planning conferences, and are invited to speak throughout the United States and the world.

We realize that a visit to us may come at a stressful time, and we are committed to giving you the most caring, compassionate and professional services possible.