Nephrology – Kidney Disease

Diagnosis and Treatment

Early diagnosis and treatment of chronic kidney disease can slow the rate of kidney function loss, reduce complications, and postpone or eliminate your need for dialysis or transplantation.

If you receive a chronic kidney disease diagnosis, our nephrologists will create a treatment plan that fits your individual needs and lifestyle.


Our kidney specialists provide comprehensive nephrology diagnostic services. We consult with you and evaluate how kidney disease is affecting your health, and the best way to treat you.

At Mount Sinai, we use advanced imaging technology. When appropriate, we offer state-of-art kidney biopsy guided by ultrasound and computerized tomography, and analysis of your biopsy findings.

Working closely with you and your team of doctors, we focus on controlling your risk factors for chronic kidney disease, like diabetes and high blood pressure (hypertension), and helping you maintain healthy kidney function. 

Treatments We Offer

With chronic kidney disease treatment, our goal is always to preserve your health, and save you from potentially serious complications such as high blood pressure and heart disease, nerve damage, anemia, and broken bones. With early-stage chronic kidney disease, the purpose of care is to prevent or slow the disease. With later-stage chronic kidney disease, we help you by treating and relieving your symptoms.

Our multidisciplinary approach brings together a team of chronic kidney disease specialists, including highly ranked general nephrologists and specialists in various aspects of kidney disease, nurse practitioners, social workers, and registered dietitians. We collaborate to create a treatment plan designed for you. One of the hallmarks of our program is continuity of care. This means that you will see the same doctors throughout your kidney treatment at Mount Sinai.

As a Mount Sinai Health System patient, you have access to vast resources, including specialists and researchers in cardiology, minimally invasive surgery, urology, genetics, radiology, and many other disciplines.

For doctors from around the country and the world, we are a primary referral center for patients with disorders related to kidney (renal) dysfunction.

If your chronic kidney disease requires dialysis, we offer safe, comfortable, and complete dialysis services, including home dialysis options.

Mount Sinai is one of New York City's leading transplantation centers, and if together we determine that a kidney transplant is the best option for you, we work in close collaboration with the transplant team at the Recanati/Miller Transplantation Institute.

Special Care

Your overall health has an effect on your treatment plan and prognosis.

Geriatric nephrology
For older chronic kidney disease patients, we offer special geriatric services geared to your strength, other medications you are taking, possible memory loss, and any psychological and family issues. 

HIV care
As HIV patients are living longer, it becomes more possible to experience chronic kidney disease. Mount Sinai is an international leader in researching the causes of renal failure in patients who are HIV positive. We are able to provide comprehensive care at Mount Sinai's Jack Martin Fund HIV Clinic. This is one of the largest clinics in New York City providing primary treatment for infectious diseases and related conditions.