Ear, Nose and Throat (Otolaryngology) – Head and Neck Surgery

About Us

The Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery team at The Mount Sinai Hospital is at the forefront of technology, service and patient care. Spanning the full spectrum of restorative and reconstructive procedures, we are equipped and ready to meet all your of your oral surgical needs. Our team works in a multidisciplinary approach, working with specialists from the Emergency Medicine, Dentistry, Neurosurgery, General Surgery, Ophthalmology, who collaborate with us on many patient cases – particularly those that are complex.

Our patient population at Mount Sinai ranges from infants to the elderly. Whether you or a loved one is planning elective surgery, has suffered facial trauma, has a congenital defect of the mouth, or is in need of restorative function, our friendly staff will guide you through the appointment process and help answer any questions you may have regarding scheduling and insurance.

Expertise in the Full Range of Restorative and Reconstructive Oral Surgeries

Led by Michael Turner, DDS, MD, our team of board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons possesses specialized training so we can offer the full range of oral and maxillofacial surgery. Our scope of practice includes expertise in:

Virtual Surgical Planning Advanced Technology

When treating patients from the oral maxillofacial surgery perspective, treatment planning is of the utmost importance. Our hospital based practice utilizes the latest advanced technology to assist in our surgical planning. This allows us to provide expert care in an efficient and precise manner. Our digital X-ray system and cone beam technology give us the opportunity to make a diagnosis and derive a surgical scheme from a 3-dimensional point of view. This radiographic technology allows our surgeons to use virtual surgical planning (VSP) to assist in various surgical procedures.

VSP is a computer program that serves to accurately perform a procedure on a computer generated model. This mode of technology can be utilized in the placement of dental implants, advanced jaw repositioning procedures (Orthognathic Surgery) and jaw reconstruction requiring sophisticated bone grafting.

Personalized Oral Treatment Plans and Patient Education 

After arriving at a diagnosis and a personalized, accurate treatment plan, we will explain in detail what to expect and what appropriate treatment options exist.  Some minor oral surgical procedures can be performed in the office setting under simple local anesthesia; however some procedures that require more attention may need to be done under general anesthesia in the operating room. No matter where the procedure is to be performed our surgeons and staff will be there to help you understand and provide any guidance you may need.

We understand the oral surgical treatment process can be confusing. It is our goal to educate our patients from the first consultation to the final post-operative visit. It is our view that communication -combined with unparalleled surgical expertise - produces an environment of mutual trust between doctor and patient, ultimately leading to the least invasive treatment and optimal final result.