Dermatology Telemedicine Appointments

We were among the first to offer the convenience of telemedicine for dermatology. And now, the Kimberly and Eric J. Waldman Department of Dermatology at Mount Sinai is proud to announce that all of our providers offer video appointments.  Telemedicine appointments can be used for both new and existing patients, to meet your medical needs regarding skin, hair, and nails.

While some conditions may require an examination in the office, we are encouraging telemedicine visits as a first step, as well as for follow-up visits. For many conditions, we are able to accomplish everything we would in an in-person visit, safely in the comfort of your own home. We have access to specialty pharmacies that can deliver the medicines to you, and have proven experience providing a high level of care and positive outcomes via telemedicine.

If you would like to request a telemedicine visit, please request an appointment through MyMountSinai or call our office at 212-241-9728 and speak to one of our staff members who can assist you.

All of our providers are now offering telemedicine visits. Please visit our faculty directory to find a list of providers offering telemedicine or call our office to schedule the next available appointment. We are often able to accommodate urgent and same-day requests.

Frequently Asked Questions about Telemedicine

How do I book a telemedicine appointment?
You can contact your provider’s office via MyMountSinai, or by telephone, to schedule your appointment. Learn more about signing up for, and using, a MyMountSinai account here.

What kind of phone, tablet or computer setup is required?
You will need to have the MyMountSinai app to participate in a telemedicine appointment. Any Android or iOS phone will work for a virtual video visit.

Please download and install the MyMountSinai app from the Google Play store or iTunes store. A guide to using the MyMountSinai app, and what to do in preparation for your telemedicine visit is available here.

We have systems set up as backup options in case you cannot connect via the MyMountSinai app. Please call our call center if you are having technical difficulties.

Is my health care information secure while participating in this online visit?
Yes. Mount Sinai employs encrypted, HIPAA-compliant technology to connect you to our doctors. You can discuss your health with confidence that your visit is secure and private.

What can I do to make my visit go more smoothly?
If you are able to send photos of your condition via the MyMountSinai application prior to your visit, it often helps us identify your condition easier than through video. This is often helpful to streamline the visit and make it a better experience for you. You can send the photos directly to the attention of the doctor you are scheduled to see.

Is there a copay for a telemedicine visit?
Yes, there is a copay for appointments not related to COVID-19. However, some insurance companies are waiving copays for all telemedicine visits. Please check with your insurance carrier to find out their most up-to-date policies on this.

What if my insurance does not cover a telemedicine visit?
For the few plans that do not cover telemedicine visits, there will be a maximum out-of-pocket charge of $100 for the visit.

Why Mount Sinai

The department of Dermatology has been recognized as one of the top institutions in the country and is at the forefront of dermatology research. We have participated in the clinical trials that have led to most of the new medicines that are being used today. Our faculty includes national leaders whose expertise spans the entire breadth of dermatology, including psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, vitiligo, alopecia areata, melanoma/skin cancers, and acne. When you see us, you will be receiving the highest standard of dermatologic care possible.