The objective of the Comprehensive Health Program at Mount Sinai Fuster Heart Hospital is to efficiently provide quality care over the course of a single day. We offer technologically advanced equipment and state-of-the-art facilities. Our award-winning physicians are distinguished for excellence in research and provision of quality patient care.

If you are a benefits specialist, human resources expert, business owner, or other independent professional, you can partner with our Comprehensive Health Program to keep yourself and your employees proactively engaged maintaining physical health. We feature two single-day package options to tailor the needs of individuals and company employees: the Half-Day Comprehensive Health Program and the Full-Day Comprehensive Health Program.

The Comprehensive Health Program also offers corporate enrollment to your management leaders and employee teams alike. We provide each individual with a customized schedule to suit your specific health needs. We will develop a customized corporate contract to ensure your leadership’s goals align with ours. For more information on corporate contracts, please email

Why Choose Mount Sinai?

The Mount Sinai Health System has a longstanding tradition of excellence in clinical care and research. We draw patients from around the globe to our innovative health care system. People choose us because The Mount Sinai Hospital, where we are based, is consistently ranked as one of the top hospitals by U.S. News & World Reports and because we offer access to:

  • A convenient location in New York City
  • Top level, senior physicians with international reputations for excellence
  • Our signature Ambassador Service
  • Streamlined coordination of care
  • State-of-the-art imaging technology
  • Vast research and genomics resources
  • Rapid turnaround of results
  • Multi-lingual physicians and other health care professionals