Connect with a Mount Sinai Doctor from Home

You can connect with a Mount Sinai provider from home through a video visit in MyChartcheck with your doctor’s office to see if they offer this capability. A video visit allows you to have a face-to-face visit with your provider for certain illnesses when an in-person visit is not necessary.

If you do not currently have a Mount Sinai provider for routine care, please go to Find-A-Doctor or call 1-800-MD-SINAI to find a provider that fits your needs.

How to sign up for MyChart:

  • If you do not have an active account, follow the instructions below to sign up:
    • Visit
    • Click “Sign Up Now” or, if you do not have an activation code, click “Sign Up Online”
    • Fill in your information
      • Once your identity has been verified, you can create an account
  • In addition to video visits, MyChart can be used to:
    • View test results
    • Request prescription refills
    • Send secure messages to your doctor
    • Schedule appointments
  • Proxy Access
    Guardians can contact their pediatrician’s office for proxy access
    • Guardians of patients who are 12-17 years old can schedule video visits and do some messaging. They cannot view clinical or appointment information.
    • Guardians of patients who are 0-11 years old can have proxy access and see information as if they are the patient.

How to download the MyChart App (required for video visits):

How to schedule a Video Visit:

  • Video visits can be scheduled over the phone, by logging into MyChart, or through the MyChart App
  • Scheduling instructions:
    • Log into the MyChart App and go to Appointments
    • Select the green “Schedule an Appointment” button at the bottom of the screen
    • Select a reason for visit and the system will automatically determine which providers are appropriate and available
    • Select the green “Find Available Times” button
    • Select a date and time for your appointment
    • Enter any relevant information in the comments section

Before your Video Visit:

  • You will receive a text message reminder with instructions on how to get started. Please remember, video visits require the MyChart App.
  • The MyChart app gives you the ability to check in before your visit using the eCheckIn function. This allows you to verify demographic information and complete required forms seamlessly from home.

At the time of your Video Visit:

  • Log into the App 15-20 minutes prior to your appointment to review your personal information and make sure you can connect
  • Open the MyChart App on your smartphone
  • Search for “Mount Sinai’ as your healthcare provider network, then select “My Mount Sinai Chart”
  • Log into your MyChart account
  • Select “Appointments” to get to your scheduled video visit appointment
  • Select “eCheck-In” to review the required check-in portion of your visit
  • If you have a copay or fee, you will be asked to pay by credit card during the check-in process
  • Once you finish checking in, a green camera icon will appear, then click on your appointment
  • When ready, click on “Begin Visit” to connect
  • If the provider has already joined, you will automatically connect. If not, you will be put in a virtual waiting room until do

Learn how to connect with your provider for a video visit through this instructional video.

Common Tips & Tricks for a Successful Video Visit

  • Do Not Disturb: To ensure notifications and apps do not cause interference during your video visit, we recommend putting your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode before connecting to your video visit
  • Wi-Fi: Please ensure you are in a private area with a good Wi-Fi connection
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth devices can sometimes cause interruptions. Please disable your Bluetooth setting, if enabled, before connecting to your video visit.
  • Apps: Please do not switch between apps during your video call, this may lead to connection issues
  • Image Size: If your provider’s image appears small on your smartphone/tablet, please rotate your device to landscape for a larger image
  • Compatible Devices: You can use your smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop. Please ensure the device you choose has camera and microphone capabilities.
  • “Univago” Prompt: If you are prompted, please allow “Univago” access to your camera and microphone. This will allow your provider to see and hear you during the visit. This may only be applicable for certain video visits.

Test your connection: we recommend doing a self-test before your visit to make sure your audio and video are working appropriate for your upcoming video visit. If you would like to do a test, please do the following:

  • Open your web browser, Chrome is preferred.
  • Go to:
  • Select ‘Allow’ if prompted for camera/microphone access.
  • Please allow up to 30 seconds for self-test to begin, it will play back your audio and video with a 2-3 second delay.