Screening and Testing

Mount Sinai has implemented strict screening and testing guidelines for both patients and staff in order to ensure the safety of our entire community.

Screening Policies

Patients with scheduled appointments will be contacted one day before your visit and asked if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptomsAll patients will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms, including temperature checks. Patients showing symptoms will be referred for appropriate care.

COVID-19 PCR Testing

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, you can be diagnosed through a PCR test (which stands for polymerase chain reaction). A swab may be used to collect a sample—usually from the throat or nose—that is sent to a laboratory for analysis.

PCR testing is indicated when someone has developed acute COVID-19 symptoms (including a fever greater than 100 degrees, shortness of breath, persistent cough, nasal congestion, runny nose not associated with seasonal allergies, and sore throat). The current recommendation is for PCR testing to occur two to four days after symptoms begin.

COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Please schedule a video visit with your primary care doctor to find out more about antibody testing. There are commercially available antibody tests that can be arranged for you.

A person is eligible for a Serum-Antibody Test (IgG) if it has been 21 days or more since the date your symptoms started, and if it has been at least 14 days since your symptoms resolved. This is because IgG takes approximately 21 days or more to accurately determine immunity.

Current clinical criteria for antibody testing are as follows:

  • You tested positive for COVID-19 by a nasal swab more than 21 days ago and your symptoms have completely resolved more than 14 days ago, OR
  • You had symptoms which were diagnosed by a health care provider to be consistent with COVID-19 more than 21 days ago and your symptoms completely resolved more than 14 days ago.