Phase II Program

Phase II, a rigorous four-days-a-week cognitive rehabilitation program for individuals with brain injuries, promotes building skills in critical thinking, problem solving, behavioral and emotional regulation and vocational exploration. The program is geared to participants who:

  • Have a mild-to-moderate impairment
  • Can read at a sixth-grade level
  • Function within the normal range of intellectual functioning (may be reduced from previous levels)
  • Can relate to other people
  • Have challenges in their executive functions, attention, memory and/or regulating emotions and behavior

During the 18 weekly group sessions, we focus on organization, time management, memory strategies, travel in the city and goal setting. Participants learn how to optimize brain health and take part in relaxation practices that promote well-being.

Each day, participants use a computer to maintain a calendar as well as to research topics and prepare presentations. We offer individual attention-training sessions, and every participant has an advisor. Families are invited to attend a team meeting to discuss progress and treatment goals, and are required to participate in a three-part family education series to support the participant’s mastery of skills at home.

This program, offered at minimal charge, is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals and is based on research evidence and practice.

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