Hand Therapy Program

The Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Center offers specialized services to individuals with impairments of the upper limbs, including the hands, addressing conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis, repetitive stress injuries, peripheral nerve damage and fractures. The aim of the Hand Therapy Program is to help patients regain strength, dexterity, pain relief and functional independence. Some of the defining characteristics of the program:

  • Staff are occupational therapists, who are board-certified hand therapists
  • Individualized treatment plans may include design and fabrication of custom made orthotics
  • A full array of therapeutic modalities, using state-of-the art rehabilitative equipment, includes manual therapy, splinting, heat, ice, electrical stimulation and contrast baths
  • We emphasize open and regular communication with the referring physician
  • The patient and therapist together set functional goals, to better achieve desired results
  • Monthly reevaluations insure the highest quality of care tailored to progress in achieving goals
  • The availability of a wide array of clinicians on site supports additional treatment options, when needed

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