Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Mount Sinai Hospital, Mount Sinai St. Luke’s, Mount Sinai Roosevelt, and Mount Sinai Beth Israel are pleased to offer the following postdoctoral fellowships in child psychology.

The Mount Sinai Hospital

The Division of ADHD and Learning Disorders supports a full-time postdoctoral fellowship to gain experience in both neuropsychological assessment and psychotherapy in children and adolescents with some opportunities to work with adults, depending on interest. Postdoctoral fellows are given psychotherapy cases and co-lead groups in ADHD skills training for both adults and children to complement their training.

The Eating and Weight Disorders Program offers a two-year training program focused on acquiring mastery of assessment and intervention skills for patients with eating and weight disorders across the lifespan. The program involves completing required coursework, an accompanying research seminar, and attending group/individual supervision. Postdoctoral fellows are also required to develop a specific research project.

The Seaver Autism Center sponsors several postdoctoral fellowships each year. These research-based fellowships are awarded broadly, with recent awards in the areas of genetics of neurodevelopmental disorders, rodent model systems, neuroimaging, and the development and testing of behavioral and pharmacological interventions. Postdoctoral fellowship training is also provided through formal affiliations with local community agencies, including FEGS Health and Human Services and the YAI Network. These fellows receive training at the Seaver Autism Center and have the opportunity to participate in various research studies. In turn, the fellows bring their training into the community by providing direct care to children and adults as well as developing new clinical service programs.

Mount Sinai St Luke’s and Mount Sinai West

Mount Sinai St. Luke’s and Mount Sinai West offer postdoctoral fellowship positions for candidates who are interested in extending their knowledge and experience in the practice of clinical work with urban children, adolescents and families. All fellowships offer a full range of training experiences in clinical work with an ethnically and socioeconomically diverse population. Fellows may provide individual, group, dyadic and family therapy, crisis services, diagnostic interviews, neuropsychological assessment and school and community- based interventions. All fellows have the opportunity to develop supervisory skills and will participate in advanced courses on supervision and psychotherapy. There are five positions based in the Outpatient Department and one in CARES.