Pain Management Information for Referring Physicians

Mount Sinai's Pain Management and Integrative Medicine practice offers a comprehensive range of specialized, state-of-the-art services for acute and chronic conditions. Our advanced treatments include both traditional and complementary therapies, and are provided by a highly-skilled team of certified pain physicians experienced in tailoring the optimal care plan for each patient.

Comprehensive Pain Management Services

In partnership with our referring physicians, our team provides the following range of diagnostic and treatment services with the goal of not only alleviating pain but addressing the underlying cause.

Integrative Pain Management Program

Recognizing that pain varies from one person to the next, our Integrative Pain Management Program blends traditional procedures (such as muscle and joint injections) and complementary therapies (such as medical acupuncture) in order to design personalized treatment plans for our patients. By drawing from such diverse therapeutic options, our Program is able to offer the benefits of both fields in order to return patients to their best possible quality of life.