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Neuro-critical care is a relatively new field that developed in the late 1970s and is now coming into its own as subspecialty neuro-intensive care units develop across the nation. The Neuro-Critical Care Society, established in 2002, now has 531 members and grows each year. The Neurocritical Care journal began publication in 2004 and was recently approved for Medline in 2006. The United Council of Neurological Subspecialties (UCNS) recognized neuro-critical care as a new neurological subspecialty in 2005 and professional certification, as well as center accreditation for neuro-critical care fellowship are now available.

Specialized intensive care following neurological injury or neurosurgical procedures is crucial to improving outcomes. Admission to a neurological/neurosurgical ICU led by a neuro-intensivist has been associated with improved outcomes, lower mortality rates, shorter length of stay and lower total costs of care compared with a general ICU setting.

Dedicated Neuro-Intensive Care Unit

Mount Sinai has had a dedicated neuro-intensive care unit since 1990 and is one of only three New York City neuro-ICUs run by UCNS board certified neuro-intensivists. Adjoining the neurosurgical operating rooms, this 16 bed unit is located on the 8th floor of the Annenberg building. Though most neuro-ICU patients have primary neurosurgical or neurological diagnoses, the neuro-intensive care unit is also home to ENT and orthopedic spine patients. The neuro-intensive care unit receives referrals from the greater New York area and the 16 hospitals in The Mount Sinai Hospital system including Mount Sinai Queens, Elmhurst Hospital Center, North General Hospital and the Englewood Hospital and Medical Center.

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