About Spiritual Care

Mount Sinai’s Chaplains help people of all faiths find:

  • Meaning, healing, hope, and comfort while experiencing the challenges of life 
  • Clarity for decision-making, inspiration, release from stress
  • Connection with their Higher Power, God, the Universe, the Creator, or that which is beyond us all
  • Balance and inner peace

Professional Chaplains do not proselytize. Professional Chaplains provide Spiritual Care to: 

  • Allow people to draw upon and examine their own beliefs
  • Encourage people grow through their experiences
  • Meet patients where they are –- spiritually and emotionally

Chaplains can have a profound impact with patients and their families in confronting life’s most challenging times.

Who Benefits from Spiritual Care?

Patients, families, friends, staff, community – everyone!

When Should You Call Spiritual Care?

When patients or families are:

  • Experiencing conflict
  • Experiencing despair or losing hope
  • Confronting serious illness
  • Facing surgery
  • Suffering from trauma
  • Facing life situations which seem to contribute to illness or complicate healing
  • Experiencing grief, guilt or anxiety which seems to contribute to illness or complicate healing
  • Searching for hope or meaning
  • Facing difficult ethical decisions about treatment
  • Lacking supportive family, friends or a congregation within visiting range

Who Provides Spiritual Care?

Board Certified and experienced professional Chaplains. This includes community faith leaders such as pastors, rabbis, priests, ministers, imams and other religious leaders, and specially-trained volunteers.

Other Services

  • Meditation, guided imagery for healing, prayer, religious resources
  • Sunday Mass, Sacraments, and Communion for Catholic patients & their families
  • Kosher food for Jewish patients, daily and holiday Synagogue services
  • Major holy day services for various faiths and traditions

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Suggestions & Feedback

Please share your ideas about how we can make the Department of Spiritual Care even more responsive to your spiritual and religious needs. We’d love to know when we have had a positive impact on your hospital stay—and if you have suggestions for how we could make our services even better. Email us at infopastoralcare@mountsinai.org.