Myopathy is a disorder of the muscles. Symptoms of myopathy include weakness, which is usually symmetric and is usually most severe in your thighs and upper arms. Unlike neuropathy, myopathy causes no changes in sensation.

Myopathies are very diverse in cause. Some occur as the result of a primary muscle process, while others are secondary to another condition.

Myopathies caused by a primary muscle disease process include:

  • Infectious myopathies caused by a bacteria or virus
  • Trauma-induced myopathies, such as rhabdomyolysis.
  • Muscular dystrophies, which are progressive, inherited diseases affecting muscle.

Common causes of secondary myopathies include thyroid disease, some chemotherapeutic agents, and tumors — which may cause polymyositis or dermatomyositis.

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At The Mount Sinai Health System, we offer an experienced team of neuromuscular specialists and excellent facilities for the diagnosis and treatment of your neuromuscular disorder. Your clinical evaluation may include electromyographic and nerve conduction studies, as well as a neuromuscular radiologic evaluation.

We may need to perform a muscle biopsy for more definitive evaluation. Mount Sinai has an excellent neuropathology team, which utilizes the latest technologies in investigating the changes noted within your tissue sample. In addition, we offer outstanding rehabilitation services to further improve your neuromuscular function. Your treatment will be tailored to your particular condition.

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