Vascular CT and MR Angiography

CT angiography (CTA) offers valuable information in patients with peripheral vascular disease to aid in treatment planning. Diagnostic CTA is also useful for surveillance following endovascular or open surgical therapy.

All CT angiography studies are obtained using state-of-the-art scanners certified by the American College of Radiology and validated by multiple clinical studies in the U.S. and abroad. Studies are reviewed on dedicated workstations with advanced three-dimensional analysis software and interpreted by nationally recognized experts.

Focused areas such as the carotid circulation in patients with cerebrovascular symptoms or lower extremities in patients with symptoms of intermittent claudication or critical limb ischemia can be analyzed in detail, or the entire peripheral vasculature can be visualized as a whole-body CT angiogram for patients with systemic disorders such as vasculitis. A complete examination takes 10-15 minutes.

Contrast-enhanced MR angiography offers another attractive diagnostic option for patients with peripheral vascular disease without exposure to ionizing radiation or iodinated contrast.

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