Pulmonary Hypertension Program

What is Primary Pulmonary Hypertension (PPHTN)?

Primary pulmonary hypertension is a rare disease characterized by increased pressure in the vessels of the lungs. Currently, it is not clear what causes PPHTN. The incidence of this disease is estimated around 2 cases per million in the population. Women face almost twice the risk of acquiring the condition as men.  In most patients, the disease is first recognized in their 30’s and 40’s, although PPHTN can occur anytime from infancy to greater than 60 years of age. The most common symptom is dyspnea, the sensation of shortness of breath. Progressive worsening of the disease can lead to heart failure and eventual death.

Who We Are

The Mount Sinai Heart Pulmonary Hypertension Program, based at the nationally renowned Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, is a premier, comprehensive care center for patients afflicted with pulmonary hypertension. The program consists of cardiologists, pulmonologists, and lung transplant surgeons who are leading experts in their respective fields.  We are dedicated to providing and maintaining the highest standard of acute as well as chronic care, utilizing not only proven effective treatments but also, where appropriate, new and pioneering therapy.

Research Focus

Better care comes directly from in-depth understanding of disease processes. This is the core belief that all physicians and scientists at the Mount Sinai Heart Pulmonary Hypertension Program hold dear. On-going research projects being performed at the Pulmonary Hypertension Program includes exploring into the molecular mechanisms of PPHTN, finding new, non-invasive imaging techniques for the evaluation of disease progression and complications, as well as searching for novel treatment regimens, such as gene therapy, for patients who are refractory to standard therapy.

Body and Spirit

Delivering top-notched medical care based on the most cutting-edged research is only one of the many services that the Mt. Sinai Pulmonary Hypertension Program has to offer. Our team of nurses, social workers, and nutritionists can help patients on the maintenance of optimal diet and activity. In addition, they also provide patients’ family with counsel and support. In fact, a Pulmonary Hypertension Support Group Meeting takes place at the Hazen Ambulatory Cardiac Care Center every month where patients and their family may get their questions answered and informal conversations with expert physicians take place.

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