Cardiac Computed Tomography (CCT)

We perform Calcium Scoring, CCT Coronary Angiography and other specialized CCT studies in state-of-the art 64-slice CT systems. All studies are reviewed on dedicated workstations with advanced 3-D analysis and interpreted by nationally recognized experts in the field.

The American Heart Association has endorsed the calcium score scan for risk stratification of patients with intermediate Framingham’s risk. The calcium score scan does not require contrast administration and is completed within minutes. Each test is interpreted with computer-aided quantitative analysis and our reports provide an estimate of cardiac event risk based on age-gender adjusted normalcy tables.

CCT coronary angiography is an ideal test for the evaluation of symptomatic patients with low-intermediate probability and for those with equivocal stress test results. The procedure is well tolerated by ambulatory patients and the results are immediately available. CCT coronary angiography is also valuable for patients who require anatomical evaluation of coronary bypass grafts.

CCT is a suitable alternative for patients that have contraindication for MRI and require evaluation of cardiac masses, congenital heart disease, right ventricular dysplasia, pericardial disease and vascular abnormalities. CCT also provides an excellent 3-dimensional evaluation of the left atrial and cardiac vein anatomy in patients undergoing electrophysiological procedures.

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