Mount Sinai Solutions

We partner with employers like you, who seek top-ranked care for your most valuable asset—your people.

Mount Sinai Solutions is evolving a model of care and improving the quality of life for employees from every angle—by creatively and unconventionally advancing how, when, and where members experience health care. This translates not only to improved health for your employee population, but also financial impact for the health of your company.

Stronger, Simplified, Seamless

With Mount Sinai Solutions, you can expect a partnership that includes integrated, multidisciplinary care teams and multiple service offerings. The result is a seamless, simplified, and stronger benefits ecosystem that your employees will access, navigate—and enjoy—with ease.

Think Bigger

No matter where you or your employees are located, we have the experience and capabilities to design, build, and manage the unique “big picture” of your growing healthcare needs—both now and well into the future.



Integrated, multidisciplinary care teams

Specialty care, surgery, and COEs

Convenient patient-to-provider technology

End-to-end care navigation services

Population health analytics

7,200+ medical experts

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