Wood's lamp examination

Black light test; Ultraviolet light test

A Wood lamp examination is a test that uses ultraviolet (UV) light to look at the skin closely.

Wood's lamp test - of the scalp

A Wood's lamp is a light that uses long wave ultraviolet light. When an area of scalp that is infected with tinea (a type of ringworm fungus) is viewed under a Wood's light, the fungus may glow. This test may be done to detect the presence of a fungal scalp or skin infection.

Wood's lamp illumination

A Wood's lamp emits ultraviolet light and can be a diagnostic aid in determining if someone has a fungal or bacterial infection on the skin or scalp. If there is an infection on the area where the Wood's lamp is illuminating, the area will fluoresce. Normally the skin does not fluoresce, or shine, under ultraviolet light.

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