Marine animal stings or bites

Stings - marine animals; Bites - marine animals

Marine animal stings or bites refer to venomous bites or stings from any form of sea life, including jellyfish.

There are about 1200 species of animals found in the ocean that are venomous. Many can cause serious illness or death.

The number of injuries caused by these animals has gone up in recent years because more people are taking part in scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and other water sports. These animals are most often not aggressive. Many are anchored to the ocean floor. Venomous marine animals in the United States are most often found along the California, Gulf of Mexico, and southern Atlantic coasts.

Jellyfish sting

Symptoms of a marine animal sting can include pain, burning, swelling, redness, and bleeding. To treat a sting, keep the victim very still and wipe off stingers or tentacles with a towel or sand being careful to avoid contact with the tentacles or stingers. Wash the area with salt water. In some cases soaking the wound in very warm water is recommended.




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