Internet-Based Motivational Interviewing for Colonoscopy

ID#: NCT03595904

Age: 45 years - 66+

Gender: All

Healthy Subjects: Accepts Healthy Volunteers

Study Phase: N/A

Recruitment Status: Recruiting

Start Date: November 20, 2017

End Date: July 01, 2020

Contact Information:
Sarah Miller, PsyD
Lina Jandorf, MA
Summary: Compared to other racial groups, African Americans have the highest colorectal cancer (CRC) morbidity and mortality rates. Although colonoscopies can prevent CRC, nearly one third of African Americans have not received a screening colonoscopy within the recommended time frame (one colonoscopy per ten years). It is critical to increase African Americans' screening colonoscopy rates in order to reduce racial inequities in CRC morbidity and mortality. Previous research suggests that a motivational interviewing based intervention may help improve screening colonoscopy uptake. This study will conduct a randomized clinical trial examining the efficacy of a motivational interviewing informed tablet app, called e-Motivate, to improve African Americans' screening colonoscopy uptake. Participants will be African Americans who receive a referral for a screening colonoscopy. Participants (N=200) will be randomly assigned to one of two groups: (1) usual care group (N=100); or (2) e-Motivate app group (N=100). Participants in the usual care group will receive standard clinical care which includes patient navigation (e.g., scheduling, reminder calls). Participants in the e-Motivate group will complete the e-Motivate app in the clinic immediately after they receive a referral for the screening colonoscopy. The participants in the e-Motivate app group will also receive usual care. Six months following the initial referral, participants' medical charts will be reviewed to determine whether the participants completed the recommended screening colonoscopy. Secondary outcomes (e.g., bowel prep quality, number of cancellations) will also be analyzed.

Inclusion Criteria:

- self-identified as African American/Black

- received a referral for a screening colonoscopy

- recommended age to begin screening for colorectal cancer (based on current guidelines)

- English speaking

Exclusion Criteria:

- hearing or vision impaired

- participated in the previous iterative field testing