Rehabilitation and Human Performance

Amputation & Prosthetic Training

At Mount Sinai, we understand the adversity that people face when losing a limb. Our compassionate and highly skilled specialists and therapists offer a full range of rehabilitation and support services. We provide a personalized treatment plan that takes into consideration your physical condition and life outside of a rehabilitation setting, with an emphasis placed on providing emotional support so that life after amputation is comfortable and fulfilling.

We are also honored to be New York City’s first amputation and prosthetic training program to be accredited by CARF which demonstrates our commitment to supporting the individual needs of our patients by always improving our program and becoming the standard for modern amputation and prosthetic training care.

Inpatient Services

Our team at Mount Sinai is dedicated to supporting you from the initial surgery through your return to the community. Rehab professionals will communicate with you and your surgeon to establish an individualized plan of care.

Our inpatient program focuses on the following objectives:

  • Coordinating follow up care with home care agencies, transition to outpatient therapy and referral to a prosthetist
  • Developing coping skills to emotionally handle the stresses that may come with experiencing amputation
  • Goal-setting and preparation for prosthetic prescription and training
  • Helping you to manage any pain or discomfort
  • Preventing post-operative complications and providing education on how to care for your residual limb
  • Providing patients with a program to increase independence with mobility and self-care

Outpatient Services

At Mount Sinai, our team includes physicians and therapists who specialize in the rehabilitation of individuals following amputation. We work with each individual to understand your goals and establish a plan of care in conjunction with your physiatrist that meets your needs. Your outpatient therapy program will include:

  • Care of the residual limb
  • Community reintegration
  • Mobility and balance training
  • Pre-prosthetic training
  • Prosthetic prescription and training, including partnership with an expert prosthetist
  • Self-care and Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
  • Strength training

Limb Loss Support Group

Whether receiving inpatient or outpatient services, Mount Sinai is proud to offer the Limb Loss Support Group, a program designed to provide peer support to individuals following amputation. Our group is led by a psychologist and meets monthly to discuss issues such as body image, social acceptance, and techniques for maintaining a positive attitude.