Pediatric Physical and Occupational Therapy

At Mount Sinai, our pediatric physical and occupational therapists have experience and expertise in treating children with a wide variety of diagnoses including orthopedic, neurologic, genetic, and cardiopulmonary conditions. With all of our patients, our clinicians focus on individualized and family-centered care that includes a full complement of exercise, modalities, and manual therapies to manage pain and maximize function and independence.

What We Do

Our teams are committed to supporting your child in developing the skills they need for a playful and active life. Whether recovering from an injury, managing a condition, or simply growing up, we're dedicated to making therapy a positive and empowering experience for our young patients.

 We help children using innovative technology to gain greater independence in movement and function so they can improve their lives.

  • Comprehensive evaluations and treatment interventions with pediatric specialized therapists
  • Individualized 1-on-1 treatment sessions
  • Use of adaptive technology to adjunct treatment interventions
  • Communication with your child’s team including family members, medical doctors and healthcare professionals, social workers, and teachers and/or coaches