Mount Sinai Selikoff Centers for Occupational Health

Laboratory Health and Safety

At Mount Sinai, we are dedicated to helping establish healthier, safer, and more productive work environments for laboratory personnel. Our team of physicians and health and safety specialists assist laboratory managers to develop and implement programs that improve overall productivity, work quality, and safety in their laboratories. With unparalleled capability in process design, analysis, and data management, our team can identify organizational solutions to prevent injury and illness. We provide consultation services to determine what your company needs.

Clinical Services

Evaluation and Treatment of Work-related Injuries and Illness

Any lab personnel who becomes ill or are injured at work should inform their supervisor and seek medical evaluation. Appointments for an evaluation can be made with one our medical providers by calling 1-888-702-0630. All of our physicians are authorized by the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board and have expertise in Workers’ Compensation related medical cases.

Medical Clearances Examinations

Our board-certified occupational medicine physicians conduct pre-placement and vivarium medical clearance examinations for laboratory personnel working with hazardous chemicals and research animals. Researchers working with animals face several occupational health risks, including the possibility of allergic reactions, animal-related injuries such as bites, scratches, or kicks, and exposure to hazardous materials. Consultations, testing, immunizations and exams are specific to laboratory conditions, hazards, and species that each researcher meets.

Occupational Medicine Consultation Services

Our physicians can advise on a variety of occupational health and safety decisions, provide policy and protocol review, and design work environment specific surveillance medical programs. With expertise in reproductive hazards in the workplace, we also review policy and offer recommendations for protective measures related to reproductive and women’s health.

Ergonomic Services

Ergonomics are an important part to maintaining the occupational health and safety of researchers and technicians in the laboratory environment. Our certified ergonomists evaluate laboratory environments and provide recommendations to mitigate risk of future injuries and illnesses. Services include:

  • Observation, analysis, and recommendation of ergonomically sound performance of lab tasks, such as:
  •  Equipment and tool recommendations for minimizing strain
  •  Space planning and design for lab renovation projects

Industrial Hygiene

Our industrial hygienists assist with the identification and assessment of exposure risks to physical, biological and physical hazards, and develop prevention and control systems. They can provide services related to respiratory protection, hearing conservation, laboratory chemical hygiene, hazard communication, confined space, ventilation, as well as dermal, respiratory, and hearing protective equipment fit testing.

Education and Training Services

Education is an important part of keeping workers healthy and safe. Our team of physicians and health and safety specialists conduct educational training for laboratory personnel customized to specific work environments. Topics may include biological hazard safety, hazardous material identification, and general chemical safety.

Call us at 888-702-0630 for a consultation to determine your workplace needs.