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Cardiac Computed Tomography

We perform coronary calcium scoring, coronary computed tomography (CT) angiography, and other specialized cardiac CT studies using state-of-the-art 256-slice CT systems. We review all studies on high definition workstations using advanced 3D analysis tools and our nationally recognized experts interpret the results.

We perform cardiac CT at the lowest possible radiation dose using the most advanced image acquisition technologies including model-based iterative reconstruction, prospective electrocardiogram triggering, and dose modulation.  These safety features allow us to perform cardiac CT with as little as is 0.5 mSv which is equivalent to approximately five chest X-rays. It is also much less than that of nuclear stress tests (3-5 mSv).

The American Heart Association has endorsed the coronary calcium score scan for risk stratification in asymptomatic patients with intermediate Framingham Risk Scores. The calcium score can predict future cardiac events more accurately than traditional risk factors, it does not require contrast administration, and it is completed within minutes. We use computer-aided quantitative analysis to interpret these tests and our reports provide an estimate of cardiac event risk based on age- and gender-adjusted normalcy tables.