People with Disabilities

Office for Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) is committed to fostering diversity, inclusion, and equity for people with disabilities at MSHS. To this end, we seek to broaden MSHS staff, faculty and students’ understanding of people with disabilities and to create an equitable environment for all by:

  • Creating opportunities to integrate people with disabilities throughout the organization.
  • Fostering an environment that supports and empowers people with disabilities and their loved ones.
  • Raising awareness about the unique needs and talents of individuals with disabilities.
  • Building partnerships and leveraging existing resources.

Key Initiatives

Enhancing Cultural Effectiveness and Education
We are currently offering Cultural Awareness: Understanding People with Disabilities. This education focuses on understanding disability concepts, identifying how bias and unconscious bias impact how we interact with people with disabilities, and best practices on inclusive behaviors. Contact for more information or to schedule a session for your department.

Increasing Engagement and Inclusion
The Ability Employee Resource Group (ERG), primarily serves as a platform to promote awareness about people with disabilities. The group also serves as a resource for employees who have disabilities and/or care for patients or loved ones who have a disability - providing an educational forum for sharing ideas and information to improve care throughout the System.

ODI is also collaborating with Mount Sinai Calm to launch a new Caregiver ERG. This ERG will serve as a resource to employees, supporting a healthy balance between work-life and home-life for all.

Enhancing Demographic Diversity
ODI is partnering with Talent Acquisition through a newly formed workgroup to increase recruitment efforts around people with varying abilities.

Additionally, we offer customized unconscious bias educational sessions to support the recruitment process and offer strategies to mitigate bias in the interview and selection processes.

Enhancing Patient Experience
ODI is committed to improving the patient experience. To achieve this aim, ODI is an active leader on the MSHS ADA/Accessibility Steering Committee and has on-going initiatives with Patient Experience to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for our patients.

Collaborations with ISMMS
ODI works closely with ISMMS Office of Disabilities to address diversity and inclusion of staff and students with disabilities. For information on student accommodations please contact ISMMS Office of Disabilities.

As an additional resource for employees, MSHS offers employee accommodations, when needed. Please contact your site/hospital Labor Relations office if employee accommodations are needed:

  • Mount Sinai Health System
    (212) 241-8381
  • The Mount Sinai Hospital
    (212) 241-8381
  • Mount Sinai Queens
    (718) 808-7716
  • Mount Sinai St. Luke's
    (212) 523-2001
  • Mount Sinai West
    (212) 523-2001
  • Mount Sinai Beth Israel
    (212) 844-7679
  • Mount Sinai Brooklyn
    (718) 951-2767
  • New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai
    (212) 979-4275