Message from the CEO

"We have a window in which we can change health care, in which we can truly reform how medicine is practiced and delivered. And we need to do it right. It is a great responsibility. It is a great opportunity."

Kenneth L. Davis, MD
Chief Executive Officer​​ of the Mount Sinai Health System and Gustave L. Levy Distinguished Professor

Our inpatient and outpatient volume is at record levels, our financial bond ratings are steadily improving, and we continue to expand our research and clinical facilities. Support from the National Institutes of Health is strong and increasing, and we successfully recruit distinguished faculty from the United States and around the world.

These positive developments present Mount Sinai with tremendous opportunities for leadership in a range of critical areas. Our model for growth features a seamless connection between Hospital and School. This model will serve us well as we educate new generations of clinicians and researchers — individuals who will go on to treat and cure some of the most serious diseases and conditions known to man.

Exciting discoveries are now within reach, including research that will increase the brain’s ability to repair itself, rejuvenate damaged heart tissue, and protect populations from devastating pandemics. These discoveries have the potential to prevent and treat many of the chronic conditions that affect our population. Mount Sinai’s recruitment of world-renowned scientists and clinicians will lead the way in this biomedical revolution.

We at Mount Sinai have the potential to transform biomedical research and leave our grandchildren a legacy of freedom from many of our most feared diseases. The future is in our hands, and we have reason to be optimistic.