Fertility Preservation

Fertility preservation has proven to be an effective means for many women of reproductive age to safely store their eggs (oocytes) and delay child-bearing efforts for numerous reasons. Oocyte cryopreservation is a technique currently offered by Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York, which provides women the option to choose when to begin their journey toward motherhood by safeguarding their retrieved eggs and then proceeding to thaw and transfer them to the uterus when ready for pregnancy.

As a woman's ovarian reserve diminishes with age, egg freezing is a highly efficient method for women to preserve their eggs at a time when they are considered healthiest. The procedure is most fitting for single women lacking a male partner, or for women with potential health risks such as a family history of cancers, and also for those who are faced with cancer and will be proceeding with treatment by an oncologist.

RMA of New York performs the most advanced egg freezing technology available, known as vitrification, and allows for the 'ultra-rapid-freezing' of oocytes which eliminates the possibility of hazardous ice crystals to form around the highly-fragile egg during thawing. Click here to view a video of the egg vitrification process at RMA of New York.

RMA of New York offers free seminars to learn more about the egg freezing process. Register for an upcoming informational event, or call (212) 756-5777 to find out more about fertility preservation.

To find out more about fertility preservation with RMA of New York, call (212) 756-5777 to speak with a specialist.

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View the egg vitrification process at RMA of New York