Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology

The Department of Dermatology at The Mount Sinai Hospital specializes in advanced surgical and cosmetic treatments. We offer a wide range of dermatologic surgical procedures and cosmetic treatments in our outpatient surgical suites. This includes scar revisions, peels, neurotoxins, fillers, liposuction, fat transfer, blepharoplasty, and the latest laser procedures. Our Department of Dermatology is among the leading training institutions in the country for cosmetic procedures. Our Mohs surgeons perform more than 2,000 cases per year. We pride ourselves on offering well-planned, effective surgical approaches while doing our best to optimize surgical and cosmetic outcomes.

Services offer by our esteemed skin specialists include:

Deep wrinkles and fine lines are the product sun damage and loss of elasticity within our skin, these and are natural as we age. While we cannot turn back the clock and reverse all of the damage that has been done, our dermatologists have many exciting treatment options to help restore youthfulness and improve skin texture and tone. Treatment options include neuromodulators for active wrinkles, fillers for some areas with wrinkles and hollow areas, as well as laser options to smoothen out and stimulate new collagen regrowth superficial skin. Any of our board certified dermatologists can help you explore the options to return you to a healthier, more youthful state.

Premature aging is a condition in which one looks older than his or her stated age. Premature aging is most commonly caused by lifestyle choices and internal illness. The most common cause of premature aging is sun exposure. Ultraviolet radiation causes permanent skin damage that causes skin cancer, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, and loss of subcutaneous tissue, resulting in the sagging skin that we associate with aging. Other unhealthy lifestyles also contribute, such as smoking and alcohol abuse. Treatment of premature aging is multifactorial, including limiting sun exposure and nutritional supplementation. The Department of Dermatology at The Mount Sinai Hospital has the most cutting edge cosmetic procedures such as laser resurfacing, chemical peels, filler injections, and BOTOX® to help minimize the appearance of premature aging and turn back the clock.

Uneven skin tone: Skin with unwanted dark spots and light spots is a common problem. Many times, this irregular pigmentation is made even worse with sunlight and inflammation. Although there are many reasons for uneven skin color, the best therapies begin with preventing more unwanted color changes by using daily sun protection and treating underlying inflammatory skin conditions. Once the skin has been stabilized, further therapies can be discussed and include bleaching agents and lasers.

Unwanted hair: Excess hair can be very frustrating, and daily removal can be time consuming. While it is important to see your doctor in order to rule out an underlying medical condition, most unwanted hair is completely harmless. Permanent hair removal is possible regardless of the cause, and it usually can be accomplished with the appropriate lasers and setting for your skin type. New technologies are virtually painless and our Department has lasers that are appropriate for all skin tones.

Vascular skin lesions in adults typically consists of dilated or an increased number of blood vessels. Causes include sun exposure, age, and a predisposition to certain skin conditions. Some examples of vascular skin lesions are telangiectasia, cherry angiomas, spider angiomas, and rosacea. Many of these conditions are harmless and can be cosmetically treated with laser therapy. The most common type of laser used for vascular lesions is the VBeam laser, which we as it achieves results while minimizing side effects.