What We Do

Americans of all ages experience problems related to the immune system at one time or another. Here at the AI-FPA, we treat patients of all ages -- from infants to older adults -- for conditions ranging from allergies to primary and acquired immune deficiencies. We address immunological problems relating to multiple organ systems including the sinuses, lungs, and digestive tract.

There are over 150 different primary immune diseases known to science. At the Mount Sinai Allergy and Immunology Faculty Practice Associates, we diagnose and treat all known disorders of the immune system. These disorders affect different components of the immune system, and result in somewhat different medical conditions and ages of onset.

We also treat secondary immunodeficiency diseases such as those resulting from viral infection, autoimmune disease, immune suppression, or clinical issues surrounding organ transplantation and malignancies of the immune system.

While some patients may have poorly functioning immune systems, others are troubled by hypersensitive immune systems. Their immune systems are always "switched-on" and they react to substances that don’t affect most of us.

We treat all allergy-related conditions. The more common ones include asthma, allergic rhinitis (including hay fever), eczema, food and drug allergies, and hypersensitivity to insect stings and environmental irritants. Hypersensitivities can also occur as reactions to certain foods (peanuts and gluten are two common food allergy triggers), environmental factors such as pollen or dust, drugs and cosmetics, insects, and literally hundreds of other biological and chemical substances.

In severely allergic individuals, there is always the chance that an allergic reaction may become so severe that the person experiences anaphylaxis. This is a potentially life-threatening condition that may cause a blocked airway after an allergy or asthma "attack."

Each of these allergic conditions is diagnosed and treated here at the AI-FPA in pleasant, private surroundings. Here, we offer desensitization treatment to severely allergic individuals so that the frequency and severity of such attacks decrease over time.

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to call in other specialists to help us treat a patient’s condition. Depending upon the diagnosis and on individual needs, a patient may meet with a coordinated team of physicians and other healthcare professionals ranging from nutritionists to neurologists, gastroenterologists and mental health professionals.

Patients requiring hospitalization are admitted to The Mount Sinai Hospital where physicians from the AI-FPA work with multidisciplinary teams to ensure that our patients’ medical, nutritional, and psychological needs are met during their hospital stay as well as after discharge.