Services We Offer

Mount Sinai Beth Israel patients have access to today's most advanced diagnostic techniques and state-of-the-art screening technologies for a full range of thoracic diseases. We are also home to talented and diagnostically sensitive doctors, who are highly skilled at reading your results. The right diagnosis guides our specialists in designing the right treatment plan, and our teams draw on all the newest therapeutics to customize the best possible care for each patient.  

Treatments We Provide

Our experienced thoracic surgeons always seek the least invasive surgical treatment for diseases of the chest. While open surgery is sometimes necessary, we also offer an ever-expanding arsenal of minimally invasive procedures. Involving only small incisions through which your surgeon passes a camera and specialized instruments, minimally invasive procedures cause less pain and scarring and allow for dramatically faster recovery.

Robotic Surgery Program 

Mount Sinai Beth Israel thoracic surgeons are at the forefront of robot-assisted surgery, which takes minimally invasive surgical techniques to the next level. Robotics offers the advantage of highly flexible instruments that allow surgeons to access tighter angles and smaller spaces within the chest cavity. It also involves smaller incisions, a shorter recovery period, less scarring, and less pain than making an incision into the chest wall (thoracotomy) or cutting through the sternum or breastbone (sternotomy).

Mount Sinai Beth Israel’s pioneering thoracic surgeons were first to use robot-assisted surgery to perform a thymectomy for myasthenia gravis, implant brachytherapy in high-risk lung cancer patients, and intrathoracic nerve graft reconstruction. Today, our thoracic surgeons are at the leading edge of this exciting technology, publishing and presenting in prestigious venues, and conducting research in the efficacy of robotics for specific procedures.