Emergency airway puncture

Needle cricothyrotomy

Emergency airway puncture is the placement of a hollow needle into the airway through the skin of the throat. It is done to treat life-threatening choking.

Emergency airway puncture

An emergency airway puncture may be performed if all efforts to dislodge an object from the throat have failed. The procedure involves inserting a hollow needle into the throat just below the thyroid cartilage and should only be performed by a medical professional.

Cricoid cartilage

The cricoid cartilage (Adam's apple) is the portion of the throat used to insert a hollow needle to assist in breathing when other attempts have failed. This procedure is also known as an emergency airway puncture or cricothyrotomy.

Emergency airway puncture - series

The larynx is a tubular structure in the neck, through which air passes to the lungs. The thyroid and cricoid cartilage form the narrowest section of this airway.


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