Distal splenorenal shunt

DSRS; Distal splenorenal shunt procedure; Renal - splenic venous shunt; Warren shunt; Cirrhosis - distal splenorenal; Liver failure - distal splenorenal; Portal vein pressure - distal splenorenal shunt

A distal splenorenal shunt (DSRS) is a type of surgery done to relieve extra pressure in the portal vein. The portal vein carries blood from your digestive organs to your liver.

Hepatic venous circulation

The portal vein drains blood from the intestine, stomach, spleen, pancreas, and gallbladder into the liver. The liver processes the nutrients in this blood and filters out toxic substances. The hepatic veins then carry the blood away from the liver and into the inferior vena cava, which leads to the right atrium, one of the four chambers of the heart.


Why the Procedure Is Performed


Before the Procedure

After the Procedure

Outlook (Prognosis)