Bone graft

Autograft - bone; Allograft - bone; Fracture - bone graft; Surgery - bone graft; Autologous bone graft

A bone graft is surgery to place new bone or bone substitutes into spaces around a broken bone or bone defects.

Spinal bone graft - series

The spinal vertebrae are separated by cartilage disks. The cartilage disks are filled with a gelatinous substance, which provide cushioning to the spinal column.

Bone graft harvest

Spinal surgery is sometimes performed to remove a herniated disc. If more than one disc is removed the spine can become unstable, and a procedure to fuse the spine together is needed. The spine can be fused with with bone and plates, rods, or special metal cages. The bone may be taken from the patient's body, usually from the hip.


Why the Procedure Is Performed


Before the Procedure

After the Procedure

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