Substance use - prescription drugs

Substance use disorder - prescription drugs; Substance abuse - prescription drugs; Drug abuse - prescription drugs; Drug use - prescription drugs; Narcotics - substance use; Opioid - substance use; Sedative - substance use; Hypnotic - substance use; Benzodiazepine - substance use; Stimulant - substance use; Barbiturate - substance use; Codeine - substance use; Oxycodone - substance use; Hydrocodone - substance use; Morphine - substance use; Fentanyl - substance use

When a medicine is not taken in the way it is meant to be used and a person is addicted to it, the problem is called prescription drug use disorder. People who have this disorder take the drugs because the chemicals in the medicines have psychoactive effects. Psychoactive means having an effect on the way the brain functions. In short, the drugs are used to get high.

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