Maximizing your teaching moment

When you have assessed your patient's needs and selected the education materials and methods you will use, you will need to:

  • Set up a good learning environment. This may include things such as adjusting the lighting to ensuring that your patient has the needed amount of privacy.
  • Pay attention to your own demeanor. This includes adopting the right tone of voice and making the appropriate amount of eye contact (based on cultural needs). It is also important to refrain from judgment and not rushing your patient. Be sure to sit down near your patient.
  • Keep assessing your patient's level of understanding, concerns and readiness to learn. Continue to listen well and read your patient's verbal and non-verbal signals.
  • Break through barriers. These may include feelings such as anger, denial, anxiety, or depression; beliefs and attitudes that are not aligned with learning; pain; acute illness; language or cultural differences; physical limitations; and learning differences.

Partner with Your Patients

Make the Most of the Moment

Teach-Back or Return Demonstrations

Reinforce Learning