Diet for rapid weight loss

Very low-calorie diet; VLCD; Low-calorie diet; LCD; Very low energy diet; Weight loss - rapid weight loss; Overweight - rapid weight loss; Obesity - rapid weight loss; Diet - rapid weight loss; Intermittent fasting - rapid weight loss; Time-restricted eating - rapid weight loss

Rapid weight loss diet is a type of diet in which you lose more than 2 pounds (1 kilogram, kg) a week over several weeks. To lose weight this quickly you eat very few calories.

Yo-yo dieting

Slow and steady weight loss is the only way to avoid yo-yo dieting, where you lose a great deal of weight, only to regain it within a few months or years. There are no miracles in weight loss, go for steady progress toward a healthier life.

Male with obesity

Losing excess weight by eating a healthy diet and increasing physical activity can help prevent future health problems. Obesity increases the risk of illness and death due to diabetes, stroke, coronary artery disease, kidney and gallbladder disorders, and cancer. The more overweight, the higher the risk becomes.

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Very Low-Calorie Diet (VLCD)

Low-Calorie Diet (LCD)

Time-Restricted Eating

Intermittent Fasting

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