Condoms - male

Prophylactics; Rubbers; Male condoms; Contraceptive - condom; Contraception - condom; Barrier method - condom

A condom is a thin cover worn on the penis during intercourse. Using a condom will help prevent:

  • Female partners from becoming pregnant.
  • Getting an infection spread through sexual contact, or from giving one to your partner. These infections include herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, and warts.

Condoms for women can also be purchased.

Male reproductive anatomy

The organs of the normal male reproductive system.

The male condom

The male condom is a barrier contraceptive made of latex or polyurethane. The condom must be fitted over the erect penis. The condom is sold over-the-counter and when used properly is an inexpensive, effective barrier to pregnancy and sexually-transmitted disease.

Condom application - series

Condoms are made of latex rubber, polyurethane or lamb intestines. One of the benefits of condoms is the ability to block sexually transmitted diseases.