Radiation sickness

Radiation poisoning; Radiation injury; Rad poisoning

Radiation sickness is illness and symptoms resulting from excessive exposure to ionizing radiation.

There are two main types of radiation: nonionizing and ionizing.

  • Nonionizing radiation comes in the form of light, radio waves, microwaves, and radar. These forms usually don't cause tissue damage.
  • Ionizing radiation causes immediate effects on human tissue. X-rays, gamma rays, and particle bombardment (neutron beam, electron beam, protons, mesons, and others) give off ionizing radiation. This type of radiation is used for medical testing and treatment. It is also used in industrial and manufacturing purposes, weapons and weapons development, and more.
Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is used to fight many types of cancer. Radiation targets rapidly dividing cells like cancer cells. Radiation prevents cell division and the replication of DNA (the genetic building blocks).




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