Joint dislocation

A dislocation is a separation of two ends of the bones where they meet at a joint. A joint is the place where two bones connect, which allows movement.

A dislocated joint is a joint where the bones are no longer in their normal positions.

Radial head injury

Radial dislocation may be caused by a sudden pull on a child's arm or hand. For first aid, immobilize the arm and take the child to the doctor's office or emergency room.

Dislocation of the hip

A dislocation is an injury in which a bone is displaced from its proper position. Unless there are accompanying fractures or tissue damage, a simple dislocation may be manipulated back into place. Recovery may include immobilizing the area where dislocation occurred.

Shoulder joint

The shoulder joint is a ball-and-socket joint and is the most freely moving joint of the body. The shoulder joint can move in multiple directions therefore it is less stable than other joints and is more susceptible to injury. Dislocation of the shoulder joint is common and oocurs when the top part of arm bone slips out of its socket.




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