Lower esophageal ring

Esophagogastric ring; Schatzki's ring; Dysphagia - esophageal ring; Swallowing problems - esophageal ring

A lower esophageal ring is an abnormal ring of tissue that forms where the esophagus (the tube from the mouth to the stomach) and stomach meet.

Schatzki ring - x-ray

A solution containing a dye (barium), which is visible on x-rays, has been swallowed (upper GI series) and x-rays have been taken of the esophagus. There is a narrowing near the stomach (indicated by the arrow). This non-cancerous ring of tissue (Shatzki ring) may cause swallowing problems (dysphagia) and can be treated with dilation of the stricture.

Upper gastrointestinal system

The upper gastrointestinal organs include the mouth, esophagus and stomach.



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