Ebstein anomaly

Ebstein's anomaly; Ebstein's malformation; Congenital heart defect - Ebstein; Birth defect heart - Ebstein; Cyanotic heart disease - Ebstein

Ebstein anomaly is a rare heart defect in which parts of the tricuspid valve are abnormal. The tricuspid valve separates the right lower heart chamber (right ventricle) from the right upper heart chamber (right atrium). In people with Ebstein anomaly, the positioning of the tricuspid valve and how it functions to separate the two chambers is abnormal.

The condition is congenital, which means it is present at birth.

Ebstein's anomaly

Ebstein's anomaly is a congenital heart condition which results in an abnormality of the tricuspid valve. In this condition the tricuspid valve is elongated and displaced downward towards the right ventricle. The abnormality causes the tricuspid valve to leak blood backwards into the right atrium.



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