Spine surgery - discharge

Diskectomy - discharge; Foraminotomy - discharge; Laminectomy - discharge; Spinal fusion - discharge; Spinal microdiskectomy - discharge; Microdecompression - discharge; Laminotomy - discharge; Disk removal - discharge; Spine surgery - diskectomy - discharge; Intervertebral foramina - discharge; Spine surgery - foraminotomy - discharge; Lumbar decompression - discharge; Decompressive laminectomy - discharge; Spine surgery - laminectomy - discharge; Vertebral interbody fusion - discharge; Posterior spinal fusion - discharge; Arthrodesis - discharge; Anterior spinal fusion - discharge; Spine surgery - spinal fusion - discharge

You were in the hospital for spine surgery. You probably had a problem with one or more disks or spine bones. A disk is a cushion that separates the bones in your spine (vertebrae).

Now that you're going home, follow the surgeon's instructions on how to care for yourself while you recover.

Spinal surgery - cervical - series

The cervical spinal column is made up of vertebral bodies which protect the spinal cord.

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