Elbow replacement - discharge

Total elbow arthroplasty - discharge; Endoprosthetic elbow replacement - discharge

You had surgery to replace your elbow joint with artificial joint parts (prosthetics).

The surgeon made a cut (incision) in the back of your upper or lower arm and removed damaged tissue and parts of the bones. The surgeon then put the artificial joint in place and closed the skin with sutures (stitches).

Now that you're going home, be sure to follow your surgeon's instructions on how to take care of your new elbow. Use the information below as a reminder.

Elbow prosthesis

Elbow replacement involves surgically replacing bones that make up the elbow joint with artificial elbow joint parts (prosthetic components). The artificial joint consists of two stems made of high-quality metal. They are joined together with a metal and plastic hinge that allows the artificial elbow joint to bend. The artificial joints come in different sizes to fit the patient.

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