Developmental Disabilities Center

The Developmental Disabilities Center is a medical home providing comprehensive and compassionate care for developmentally disabled children and young adults in New York City. We also offer pediatric neurology services to residents of New York City and surrounding areas. Founded in the 1960s as a clinic for infants with congenital rubella, our Center has grown into a nurse-coordinated program that combines the expertise of several departments to comprehensively care for the health needs of children and adults with chronic neurologic conditions.

We are dedicated to caring for the whole patient by making all required medical and social services readily available. We can provide referrals to developmental pediatricians, internists, and neurologists for medical care, and psychiatrists are available to assess and manage behavioral issues. In addition, geneticists provide testing and family counseling, and social workers counsel individuals and families dealing with chronic diseases.  

Our Center understands that each patient is different, and we are committed to serving the specific needs of each child and young adult in our care to help them achieve the best possible health.