Services that Set Us Apart

At Mount Sinai, our goal is to empower our patients. We offer a series of classes that help you take control of your disease.  If you are interested in attending any of these classes, please call your doctor’s office and we will let you know when and where it is being offered.

Self-Management Classes

The Clinical Diabetes Institute is one of very few diabetes centers nationally to provide diabetes education classes for free for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Our  multicultural and multilingual nurses, nurse practitioners, and dietitians, all of whom are certified diabetes educators, teach our classes. Our curriculum helps you learn how to prevent complications, control your diabetes, and thrive. We encourage you to bring family members.

We offer separate classes for type 1 and type 2 diabetes and both classes meet at least once a month.

  • The type 1 class reviews carbohydrate counting, insulin dosing, insulin to carbohydrate ratios, correction factors, dosing basal/long acting insulin, effects of exercise on bloods sugars, and many other topics.
  • The type 2 diabetes classes review a variety of topics including hypoglycemic protocol, general healthy eating, stress and relaxation tips, and medications/insulins used for glycemic control.

Nutrition Counseling

Our registered dietician teaches diabetes self-management and provides medical nutrition therapy. We offer dietary recommendations based on the latest guidelines and tailored to your other medical conditions, cultural food preferences, and personal circumstances. We perform a personalized assessment, identify any triggers for unhealthy eating and individualized meal plans, and provide  other services.

In-Office Hemoglobin A1c Testing

The hemoglobin A1c (often called A1c‘) is a blood test that provides an estimate of your average blood sugar level over the last three months. Using novel technology, we can determine your A1c with a drop of blood from your finger within six minutes. We use that information to make informed decisions during your visit, rather than having to wait to get test results back and schedule a follow-up appointment.

Insulin Pump Therapy

An insulin pump continuously infuses rapid-acting insulin. It allows for particular fine-tuning of your regimen and eliminates the need for insulin injections. We can help you manage your insulin pump and can advise you whether you would be a good candidate to start pump therapy.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

A relatively new technology, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is an addition to the better known skin prick tests that you probably use to check your own  blood glucose levels. CGM uses under-the-skin sensors to measure glucose levels continuously, 24 hours a day. Whether ‘blind' (providing blood glucose readings to be read and interpreted later by the doctor) or in real-time, CGM can provide useful information about how medication, food, and exercise are affecting your blood glucose levels. This allows us to make adjustments to prevent your glucose levels from becoming too high or too low. Our staff can use CGM devices and interpret readings.

Diabetes Prevention Program/Viva Fitness

Working together with the YMCA of Greater New York, we offer the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program (YDPP), with the goal of reducing the risk for type 2 diabetes through education and motivation. We have designed this program for adults who are at risk for diabetes or who have a diagnosis of prediabetes. As part of the program, you will meet with a trained health coach from YDPP, to learn about healthy eating, physical activity, overcoming stress and staying on track to meet your health goals in a comfortable group setting. To help you stay motivated and focused on reaching your physical activity goals, we offer Viva Fitness, a dance-inspired, light exercise program that will have you moving to the music in a friendly, fun environment.

High-Risk Ob/Gyn Program

We work with doctors in obstetrics/gynecology departments throughout the Mount Sinai Health System to provide diabetes education to pregnant women with diabetes. We also we help you and your family adjust to the challenges of gestational diabetes.