100% I would recommend her to all my family and friends, especially female friends

Rosanna had a robotic-assisted laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy with removal of left tube and ovary and removal of right fallopian tube in November of 2017. Afterword, she developed continuous urinary incontinence. Her surgeon could not find the source of the leakage. "This problem affected my work, as a nurse, sex life, marriage, and my active lifestyle (yoga, zumba, travelling and planning social events). I was also embarrassed that I had to continuously wear incontinence pads at age 43. I had to change incontinence pads every 2 hours because they got soaked."

In May of 2018 Rosanna decided to seek a second opinion. "I googled 'best female urologist in NYC' and based on what I found, Dr. Simma-Chiang fit all my criteria. She is an expert in her field, especially in female urology. She is trained to perform endoscopy, laparoscopy, transvaginal, robotic, and open surgery. Her credentials are impressive - graduated with honors from a very reputable institution and she had her residency and fellowship with the top hospitals in the United States. Also, patients left a lot of positive reviews online from the care they received from her."

"My overall experience with Dr. Simma-Chiang has been wonderful. She is heaven-sent. She ran tests (tampon dye test, retrograde pyelography and CT Urogram). that confirmed a ureterovaginal fistula (abnormal opening between vagina and the ducts that carry urine from your kidneys to your bladder). Based on her findings Dr. Simma-Chiang, partnered with Dr. Ketan Badani and did a re-implantation of my left ureter to my bladder and put a stent in my left ureter last July 13, 2018. My two surgeons and their care team were phenomenal in what they did with the laparoscopic robotic surgery. My incisions were tiny and I had little pain after surgery and by day 4, I was on my feet and took the train for my post-op appointment with Dr. Simma-Chiang. The catheter was removed after 4 days and I was urinating well on my own. I am very happy to say I am 100% dry down there. No more urinary incontinence! I can enjoy my life again."

"I am sharing my experience to offer hope and inspiration to others in a similar situation. We are the best advocate for our own health. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Simma-Chiang, Dr. Ketan Badani, and the entire Mount Sinai staff for the wonderful care they gave me."