Vaccine Questions and Concerns

The COVID-19 vaccines have offered hope to people around the world that the global pandemic may soon be brought to an end. Yet understandably, many of you are uncertain about the vaccines’ efficacy and the effects they might have on your health. Some are concerned the vaccine was developed too quickly, while others remain cautious about trusting hospitals and doctors. We understand your reservations and concerns.

You might have even heard something that sounds questionable and want to know if it’s true or not, you can look it up in NewsGuard’s report on the top COVID-19 vaccine myths.

At Mount Sinai, we want you to be aware of all of the information available so that you are able to make an informed decision about being vaccinated.

Vaccine Information Articles

Mount Sinai has researched COVID-19 and the vaccines so everyone can have all available information. Please read some of the COVID-19 information contained in these articles.

Videos on Common Questions

To address some of the most common concerns about COVID-19 vaccines, a panel of Mount Sinai experts in infectious disease and clinical care held a series of panel discussions. View them here.

Information From Our Unions

The major unions representing Mount Sinai Health System employees have published their own statements and background information about COVID-19 vaccines.

Personal Stories

Patients and medical personal across the United States have already been vaccinated. They include many of our Mount Sinai patients and staff. Learn more about their journeys to vaccination here:

Social Media Personal Stories

Our Mount Sinai employees have shared their experiences with the COVID-19 vaccine across social media. Read their testimonials about receiving the vaccine below:




Frequently Asked Questions

For general information regarding the COVID-19 vaccines, please see a full list of COVID-19 vaccine FAQs on our Vaccine Information page.