Composition of the Task Force

The Task Force was composed of a diverse group of Mount Sinai leaders, staff, students, trainees, faculty, and Trustees who have demonstrated a commitment to equity, diversity, and anti-racism and represent the interests of the clinical and academic constituencies and the Boards of Trustees.

To achieve the Task Force charges, a dedicated team designed and oversaw the Task Force’s strategic approach and facilitated a six-month process to develop the recommendations with Task Force members.

All Task Force members attended monthly meetings to inform and build consensus throughout the development of the recommendations. In addition to these meetings, members had the opportunity to participate in the following workgroup teams:

  1. Executive Team: The executive team committed to meeting weekly and was responsible for communicating with various constituents, contributing to the strategic development of the Road Map, envisioning the change, and ensuring the Road Map was comprehensive and aligned with the Collective Impact conditions, to be described later in this document.
  2. Consultant Team: Members of this team were available between the monthly Task Force meetings to take on responsibilities in areas of expertise, and to provide input, insight, and feedback to the Executive Team. As the need arose, the consultant team also included non-Task Force members from across the Health System.
  3. Communications Team: Members of this team helped to build content for the Task Force website and to inform the strategy to communicate the work of the Task Force to the broader MSHS community.
  4. Data and Shared Measurement Team: Members of this team worked to develop the shared measurement and tracking plan.

Meet the Team Members

Task Force Chair:
Gary Butts, Executive Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (Task Force Chair)

Task Force Strategy & Support:

  • Pamela Abner, Vice President and Chief Diversity Operations Officer for the Mount Sinai Hospitals Group (Task Force Advisor)
  • Gabriel Bershadscky, Senior Creative Director, Marketing and Communication
  • Ben Cotilletta, Associate Director, Strategic Operations and Implementation at Mount Sinai Health System (Task Force Project Manager)
  • Leona Hess, Director of Strategy and Equity Education Programs, Medical Education, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (Task Force Strategy Lead)
  • Marc Kaplan, Vice President, Icahn Mount Sinai (Task Force Communications Lead)
  • Ann-Gel Palermo, Senior Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (Task Force Advisor)

Task Force Members:

  • Ernest Barthelemy, MSH Resident, Neurosurgery
  • Emma Benn, Population Health Science and Policy, Diversity Research Center
  • Jeremy Boal, MSBI President, Executive VP and CCO of Mount Sinai Health System
  • Yvette Calderon, MSBI site Chair, ED; Vice Chair for Diversity
  • Neil Calman, CEO/Co-Founder, Institute for Family Health
  • Judy Cho, Dean, Translational Genomics
  • Uraina Clark, Faculty, Neurology
  • Edith Cooper, MSHS Trustee
  • Angela Diaz, MSH Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Director of MS Adolescent Health Center
  • Anne Dickerson, Faculty Practice Assoc
  • Kamini Doobay, ISMMS Alum
  • Sharon Edwards, MSH Pediatrics and Medical Education, Vice Chair for Diversity, Pediatrics
  • David Feinberg, MSHS Senior VP, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
  • Dania Figueroa, Student, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, SCSC, SEOS/SCSC
  • Marta Filizola, Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
  • Evan Flatow, President, MSW
  • Niyum Gandhi, MSHS Executive VP and Chief Population Health Officer, CFO
  • Art Gianelli, MSM President, MSHS Chief Transformation Officer
  • Jill Goldstein, MSQ Vice President Nursing Admin
  • Basil Hanss, Senior Associate Dean, Graduate School
  • Taylor Harrell, ISMMS Medical Student, SNMA President
  • Carol Horowitz, Dean, Gender Equity in Science and Medicine
  • Yasmin Hurd, ISMMS Director, Addiction Institute
  • Carolyn Hutson, MSH Dept of Social Work
  • Lucia Lee, Vice President of Public Affairs, MSHS
  • Shawn Lee, MSHS Corporate Office, Staff
  • Michael Leitman, MS Dean for Graduate Medical Education
  • Giselle Lynch, MS-NYEE Resident, Ophthalmology, ISMMS alum
  • Jane Maksoud, MSHS Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Donna Mendes, MSM Associate Clinical Professor, Surgery
  • Reg Miller, Dean for Research Operations and Infrastructure
  • David Muller, Dean for Medical Education
  • Barbara Murphy, MSHS Chair, Department of Medicine
  • Eric Nestler, Dean for Academic and Scientific Affairs
  • Emma Palmer, MSHS Vice President, Govt Affairs and Public Policy
  • David Reich, MSH President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Lynne Richardson, Vice Chair, Emergency Department, Co-Chair Health Equity Research Institute
  • Jonathan Ripp, ISMMS Senior Associate Dean, Well-Being and Resilience
  • Toni Stern, MSH OB/GYN, Vice Chair Clinical Transformation and Chief Patient Experience
  • Donnette Truss, MSBI Staff
  • Rachel Vreeman, ISMMS Chair Global Health
  • Rocky Walker, MSH Spirituality and Health Chaplain
  • Rob Wright, MSH Dept Chair, Env Med/Public Health
  • William Wright, MSHS Trustee