The creation and submission of this document are the culmination of months of discussion and hard work, but the true origin is many years in the making. It has required countless hours of hard work, challenging conversations, and honest reflection by hundreds of members of the Mount Sinai community. We are deeply grateful for all of the support, guidance, and leadership offered as we have proceeded. 

First, none of this would be possible without Drs. Davis and Charney and our Boards of Trustees. The leadership of the System has unequivocally supported and shown sincere appreciation for our work. Their commitment to convene and charge the Task Force to respond to this critical national issue has been unwavering, and we are deeply grateful for the opportunity given to all of us. 

We also want to recognize and thank our Task Force members for their time, effort, and authenticity. The Task Force comprises a cross-section of our System and includes some of its brightest minds and most passionate advocates. The vision and unvarnished truths they put forth enabled us to have honest conversations about very difficult and challenging issues. Their commitment to a better, more equitable Mount Sinai is reflected in this document and will continue to help shape our system and deliver for the communities we all serve.    

Additionally, a special thank you to our Office for Diversity and Inclusion and our communications and operations teams. They have stood as the backbone of this project, ensuring its quality and professionalism. By their work they have helped support our process and the mission, and we are very grateful.

We also wish to recognize all of those who came before us over the 200-year history of the entities that make up our Health System and worked to create a more just and equitable health care system and society. The challenges we face in our society are seen directly in the work that we do every day. Their sacrifices, strength, and commitment to making a difference have shown a path for all of us to follow and emulate.

Finally, thank you to our entire Mount Sinai Health System community. Your insights, questions, and expectations have been heard and, we hope, reflected in this document and the work ahead. This document is neither a beginning nor an end; it is but a next step in a decades-long movement to recognize hard truths and a continued push to right existential wrongs.

We invite you to continue to engage with us in the weeks and months ahead, and to stay connected for updates and progress through our Task Force website. Your voices are critical to the change we are committed to and we hope and need to hear you as we continue on our path forward.